How to disable Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8

On this page, we will share how to disable Bixby button on Samsung. At the point when the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus launched this year, they incorporated another hardware button on the left side devoted only to activate the company’s new Bixby digital assistant. Be that as it may, there was no official route in the Bixby software to impair this feature for individuals who didn’t need or need it. This caused some outsider software makers to make applications and root techniques to close down the Bixby button.

Regardless of this undeniable want from customers to include such an option formally, Samsung did nothing for a considerable length of time on this front. To be sure, the fresh out of the plastic new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released with a similar issue a week ago. Today, in any case, things changed as Samsung unobtrusively pushed out a product refresh specifically for Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 owners that at last incorporates an official way to disable the Bixby button, at any rate to some extent.

How to disable Bixby button on Samsung?

Thinking about how to disable the Bixby button on Galaxy device? It’s simple:

Open up Bixby as you ordinarily would.

If another Bixby update is accessible, you should see a message notifying you about it. If you see this message, download the update.

If you don’t see the message, you likely as of now have the update installed.

From the primary Bixby screen, tap the gear symbol on the upper right corner of your screen.

You’ll now observe a flip called Bixby key, with the slider set to the on position.

Tap on the slider to swing it to the off position.

Also, that is it!

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The Bixby Voice function will keep on working if you press and hang on the Bixby key for a few seconds, and if you truly need to continue utilizing Samsung’s digital assistant, you can basically swipe left from your Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 home screen. Be that as it may, this much-asked-for feature ought to be an enormous help for proprietors of Samsung’s flagship phones who may have been unintentionally getting to Bixby by pressing the committed button.