170 Special Birthday Wishes for Myself – Messages, Quotes

In this post, we have shared unique birthday wishes for myself. Say happy birthday myself with best birthday wishes, messages, quotes, and greetings. Make your birthday more enjoyable and funny.

The best birthday wishes for myself

1. Good Morning, driving to work on my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

2. Happy Birthday to Me – I LOVE Birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

3. Happy birthday to me! Thanks to all who wrote and congratulated me! #birthday.

4. There are so many witty things I can say today, but I only choose to say thank you God for another year. Happy birthday to me.

5. Happy birthday to me. So blessed for another year of life. So much to be happy about this.

6. Keep calm it’s my day. Happy birthday to me, I wish myself a long life, happiness, joy, wealth, good health, more money, unlimited years, wisdom, favor, and peace.

7. Happy birthday to me!! I will be taking the day off! Thank you for all your blessings!!

8. Thank you, God. I get to see another year ITS MY Birthday not feeling my best but Blessed and very Thankful. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

9. Glad to Celebrate another year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

10. Happy birthday to me!  Thank you, God, for giving me one more year of life with my family, friends, brothers. Thank you, Lord, for so many blessings.

11. Yes, Lord, you did it again you gave me another year. Thanks for that some didn’t get to wake up but I did, happy birthday to me.

birthday wishes for myself

12. 30 and fine. I only get better with time! Happy Birthday to me and thank you all for the BIRTHDAY wishes! Special thanks to my personal photographer, my best friend, and my awesome love for the best birthday wishes! NEW YORK showed us so much, love!

13. Thank You all for the birthday wishes, funny voicemails, surprises, and most important expressions of love. Happy Birthday to me! 35thbirthday.

14. It’s Official, Happy Birthday to me. Thank You, Lord, for Another Year.

15. Happy 45th Birthday to me. I think I am wearing 45 quite well so far watch u think?

16. Happy birthday to me. The Lord has been wonderful.

17. Happy birthday to me. I thank “The Great Architect of the Universe For another year. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

18. Happy birthday to me. Birthday girl the food was so delicious and I had an amazing time! The birthday fun does not stop here. I got the whole weekend.

19. Happy 25th birthday to me even though I don’t look a day last 20, thank God for good genes.

20. Happy Birthday to me 40. Thank you, God, for another year surrounded by my loved ones. Good Morning.

21. Happy Birthday to ME!! Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! This year will bring one of God’s biggest blessings and I can’t wait!

22. Happy birthday to me and my lovely twin brother. I thank God almighty for adding one 1year to our life. I wish us is the best of luck and long life and prosperity.

23.On my 30th birthday, I am truly blessed to wake up in New York City!! Happy birthday to me!

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Special birthday wishes for myself

birthday wishes for myself

24. Just wanna take this time to wish me a happy birthday. I wanna thank my loving and caring mother to bring a handsome prince like me into this world I love you, mom.

25. Happy Birthday to Me. First, Salgirah without family but this place makes you forget that.

26. I’m making it worth watching for those who watch my every move. Happy birthday to me.

27. Happy birthday to me! I’m very grateful for my achievements my family my career my network and so much more! Thanks!

28. I’m so excited to see the age of 25 years young what a blessing. Happy birthday to me.

29. Happy Birthday to me. Thank you, girl, for the party!!… Still waiting for (name here).

30. Happy Birthday to me! I’m so thankful for another year. Yes, I’m having a blast!!

31. Happy Birthday to me.

I feel so blessed and lucky!

It’s been the most amazing year and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

32. Happy birthday to me.  Hope all your wishes come true.

33. Yessssss! It’s MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! Thank you Y’all so much for all of this love I’m getting this morning! So grateful for all of you!

34. 24 years of UPs and DOWNs, but still blessed and grateful. Thank you, Lord, for everything that life has to offer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 24.

35. Great morning it’s my day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!#26

36. Birthdays were the worse days now we sip champagne when we 25. Happy 25th Birthday to Me.

37. Entering my 40th….so far so good…Happy birthday to me.

38. Happy Birthday to me! 35 isn’t so bad lol – a new suitcase, a coach bag, a big furry jacket… and a trip!

39. Happy Birthday to ME!!!! The world will never be the same!!

40. Well, Y’all that day has come another year today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

41. Happy Birthday to me!!! in the house!!! Thank you, everyone, for all of the birthday love. Living my life like it’s golden! Ha! Party for a month begins now.

42. Happy birthday to me. Wishing my Self all the Good things In life by His grace. I am among the Living not by my power but by his Grace.

43. So far 30 is looking and feeling good!!! Happy birthday to me! Just landed in LA!!!

44. Happy birthday to me. Thanking the Almighty for another year. I am healthy and blessed. My God is awesome.

Birthday message for myself

Birthday message for myself

45. Woohoo and finally it’s today

Happy birthday to me and my month mate.

I really thank God for the gift of life. Adding a year to my age it’s not my power.

46. Even tho I don’t feel good had a good time with my boys. Happy Birthday to Me.

47. Happy Birthday to me! Watching Hamilton thanks to my wonderful husband.

48. Happy Birthday to me. Please come and celebrate my blessed year with me, Thank you to my family for the balloons and cakes. Thank you Win for this photo.

49. Happy Birthday to me!! My son got tickets for me, him, and my grandson to the Rams game for my birthday back in April, and today we finally get to use them! Awesome day!!

50. For 10 months, it looked like an impossibility in there. And here is the precious gift of many years, metamorphosed into a wonder to behold grateful to God Almighty. Happiest birthday to me

51. My view for the next 4 days. And they upgraded me to a suite for my birthday. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

52. FINALLY. The day is here. Happy B-Day to me and all who share this awesome day with me as we mark a new year.

53. Thank you, God. For making me see another year. For the gift of life; I’m more than grateful for all the blessings that you have given me. For protecting me and preserving my life to see this day and all the wonders you’ve done in my life and you are yet to do.

54. Without You, I am NOTHING but with You I have everything I’ll ever need. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

55. Happy Bday to me! 28 is not looking so bad.

56. Happy birthday to me. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! I am 55yrs young as of 2:00 am this morning.GOD is awesome! Thank you for all the text messages and calls that started as early as Monday. love you all!

58. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to me. I made it guys another year.

59. Happy birthday to me. Making sure the venue is RIGHT for the party of life on Monday.

60. Happy birthday to me. Thank God I made it see 25 yrs old.


Happy Birthday to me !!!’ 50 and Fine!!! Thank God for Keeping me & Blessing me to see another Birthday!! I have been through some ups and some downs!! I’m truly blessed beyond measure!

62. Happy Birthday to me not really feeling it but hey you only turn 30 once.

63. Praying that Year 30 is even greater. Happy Birthday to me.

64. Just got to Wrigley, waiting for my son, we’ll grab lunch & go to the game. Happy Birthday to me!

65. I don’t feel good but 25 look good on me doe. Happy birthday to me. Catch me on weekend.

66. Thank you, Jesus, for covering me 50 yrs with your Love and FAVOR. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, LORD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


68. Happy birthday to me. How time flies! finally, I am 25 years old.

Funny birthday wishes for myself

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Funny birthday wishes for myself

69. Happy Birthday To Me the older I get the better I become. Thank God. I’m still here.

70. Happy Birthday to me!!!! On My Way to have a lot of fun!!

71. Happy birthday to me. So happy and blessed to see32 I blossomed into a woman with a heart of gold time to turn up.

72. Good morning. Happy birthday to me. I’m blessed to see another year. 30 look good on me.

73. Happy Birthday to me. #29 To my God I am blessed to see it!!

74. Up wishing my love my A 1 since day 2 a Happy birthday!!! Even though we can’t spend this moment together we still gonna turn the fuck up!! So with that being said happy birthday to me and my twin sister!! Love you and miss you so much!! We twinning and winning!!! 35 sure does look good on us!!!

75. Happy 45th birthday to me. Thank you, God, for ALLOWING me to it.

76. All I can say is “36” feels and looks good on me. Just playing Y’all know I am not that arrogant. Blessed to see another year and to be surrounded by loving family and friends. Happy   Birthday to me.

77. He didn’t give up on me, even though I messed up, he was right there for me, Thank you God for blessing me with another year of life. Happy birthday to me. Good morning everybody.

78. Happy Birthday to me! So blessed to see another year and I can only hope that 34 will be just as prosperous! #happy #black #accomplished  #loving

79. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. May the grace of God continue to fuel joy into my soul. It’s well with my soul.


81. Just want to say thank you God for allowing me to see another year. Happy BIRTHDAY to me, loving myself!!

82. Happy Birthday to Me. Thank you, lord you are Great to let me live to see  “35”

83. It’s my birthday!!! I am so grateful and blessed!!! Happy Birthday to Me!! God, I Owe You!!! #Issabirthdaygirl #Newchapter

84. My birthdays in 15 mins.  Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, God, for another year.

85. I got every reason to feel like I am that Queen happy birthday to me.

86. Just living Life. THANKING GOD FOR ANOTHER YEAR TRULY BLESSED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Some family and friends have asked what I would like for my birthday and I feel what better gift than donating to my foundation and help me to help others.

87. I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes I appreciate love. Sorry, I can’t respond to all of you guys. Happy Birthday To Me.

88. Happy 40th Birthday to ME!! Bringing it in with my big sis Regina L Wright. On my Grown man status from this year up!!

89. Happy 30th Birthday to me!! Thank you to my cousin for the hair and makeup!! You did that love!


91. Happy Birthday to Me!! I am GRATEFUL to God that I have been allowed to see another year. I pray this year I become wiser, stronger, and better than I’ve been before. Thank you all for the good wishes and for sharing on my special day.

Thank you, God for my birthday

Thank you God for my birthday

92. HAPPY MF 25th BIRTHDAY TO ME. I’m thankful to see another year! It’s really not my birthday I’m practicing for tomorrow 8/31 but I was cute in this picture.

93. I don’t take solo images anymore she part of my empire happy birthday to me though.

94. Happy Birthday to me! I thank my dear God for letting me see another born day!

95. With age comes wisdom, or so we hope. Happy birthday to me!!!! #thebig44

96. Goodbye, 30’s hello 40’s. Happy birthday to me.

97. I’ll be 35 Monday happy almost birthday to me.

98. Up thanking God for loving me enough to bless me with another year! Happy great Birthday to ME!!!!!

99. Happy Birthday to me!!! Another chapter begins, I don’t know what is in store but with God, family, and friends nothing is impossible.

100. Blessed to see another year. Happy birthday to me!

101. My wonderful husband continues to spoil me – happy birthday to me.

102. Happy 25th birthday to me. I had so much fun celebrating and I’m so thankful for such wonderful friends and family who traveled to come to celebrate with me! As always, I’m praying for an even better year filled with love, success, and happiness. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, love all of you!

103. Mane I made it… Happy birthday to me I’m about to give 30 hell!!!! Now with a real Scorpio happy birthday!!!

104. Gm everyone it feels good to wake up and see another year! 50 looks good on me! Happy birthday to me!

105. Momma looks at your son!!! Still screaming happy birthday to me.

106. Cheers to myself.ALHAMDULILLAH for the gift of life. It’s the completion of another year…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

107. Awwww, what shall I say to you my God, with a grateful heart, I say thank you for another year, I’m growing old. Happy birthday to me.

108. Happy Birthday to me!!! Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life!

109. Happy Birthday To Me!! I Woke Up This Morning So Thankful That I Made It To See My 30th Birthday As There Has Been So Many Whom Didn’t Wake Up Lately. So Grateful!! 30 Years In This Cold World And I Have Learned So Much Yet Still Have So Much To Learn!

110. I can’t say that it’s a chapter being turned, it’s more like a chapter being earned. #30 and blessed Happy Birthday to me!!!

111. Thank God for allowing me to see another year. HAPPY   birthday TO ME!!!

112. I just want to thank God for allowing me to see 27. Happy birthday to me!!!

113. I’m so grateful to see 30 years on this earth and I just wanna thank God for allowing it. Happy Birthday to me  #BellzDay #Chapter30

114. Happy birthday to me and to my twin bro. Thank u so much ethane opal staff.

115. Birthday dinner with my love! He is spoiling me tonight Happy Birthday to me!!

116. I use to think I would be dead before 24 thank God for growth. Happy birthday to ME.

117. Happy 35th Birthday to me!!! Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!!

Wishing myself a happy birthday poem, Quotes, SMS, Greetings

Wishing myself a happy birthday poem

118. Workflow. blessed to see another year Happy birthday to me.

119. Happy Birthday to me thank God for just 1 more blessed year! I made 1 more. it’s my cake day!

120. Happy birthday to me I made it see another year thank you, God.

121. Happy birthday to me early, I’m really appreciative to everybody especially my brother Dream House studio for surprised me for party birthday love you guys

122. Another year God blessed me with life. Happy Birthday to me I’m a BABY ONLY FOR TODAY LOL.

123. Going to make my money on this beautiful day everyone has a blessed HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

124. Happy Birthday to me! My baby boy is taking his mom to NO for the first time! So excited.

125. Happy Birthday to me. Time to celebrate with my family and friends.

126. Today is my birthday, am grateful to God for what he has done in my life, Am grateful to everybody in my life that has contributed in one way or the other for where I am today. I am most thankful for where am heading, happy birthday to me. Am officially plus one celebrate with me cheers.

127. Good Morning, First Honor to God…Thank you, Heavenly Father, for waking me up this 45th year of my life. You have been Merciful and kind. Thank you for all you’ve done in my life and All you have Blessed me with over the years. Happy Birthday to Me!!!

128. I am thanking God this morning for 54 years of life and thanking him for my brother for 60 years of life…God is so good and awesome. Happy birthday to me and my brother.

129. Happy Birthday to me! spending fun times with my mom!

130. It’s Queen SHE Day Y’all, Happy Birthday To Me this me at the age of 52 Y’all know God good to Me.

131. On this day, 50 years ago, on my parent’s wedding anniversary, God allowed me to grace this earth. I thank God for the wonderful years that He has allowed me to be here. A great Happy Birthday to Me. I look to see much, much more.

132. Today is my day Happy birthday to me. 47 years young Life’s been good to me.

133. Happy Birthday To Me! Blessed By The Best!! I’m Not Where I Wanna Be But I’m In The Process Of Getting There! I Thank God For Everything! & All My Family Who Support Me No Matter What! 25 Looking 18. I’m Pretty!


135. Happy Happiest Bday to Me. So #greatful to be able to see my 40th Bday !!!! Thanks for all the bday wishes. I’m so grateful.

136. Happy Birthday to Me!!!! OMG! I have over 2500 messages from people wishing me a Happy Birthday, I didn’t know I was that popular! Thank you All for the good wishes and I love you too.

137. Happy birthday to me! This was the day my mama gave birth to a beautiful queen can’t anything stop me now. I’m trying to achieve all my goals and I know I got this. #happybirthdaytome #28

138. Thanking God For Ordering My Steps. Happy 45thBirthday to Me  New State, New Good Paying job. Loving Life, I’m At Peace!

139. Happy birthday to me couldn’t be happier with my life 25 doesn’t look so bad. Thank you God for everything I have and to come. Thank you, everybody, for my birthday wishes.

140. Last of a dying breed! Happy birthday to me. S/o to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It’s so much love out here I don’t have time for the hate.

Birthday prayer for myself

Birthday prayer for myself

141. I’m already 29 years old!!! Happy birthday to me!!

142. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Couldn’t have done this without the support of my family and friends.  I was honestly sad to say goodbye to my chevy that I had since I was 17, but it was time to move forward in life.

143. Happy early birthday to me! Say Hello to Princess! So excited about my new little whip and finally got my moonroof! Bell Honda is the place to go. Ask for Mitch, he’s such a rock star and the staff was amazing. I got treated like royalty.

144. Good Morning Thank you, all that is taking the time to say Happy Birthday to me.

145. Hi everyone! Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! Thank you to my Dad, Mom, Grandma & Grandpa for my sweet!!


147. Happy birthday to Me! Thanks to my aunt and cousin for making today memorable, enjoyable, and of course my mini-me for being next to me for the last 4 birthdays! I love you all. #26 Time to Turn up tonight with my girl!

148. For some very strange reason, people are telling me that under the birthdays for the day, I’m not listed. Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

149. When you have no pregnancy scares, mind your business to the fullest and stay fuck boy free.there are no better reasons than to celebrate life. Happy Birthday to me.

150. Happy birthday to me. I am excited for this new year of my life. I bless God.

151. Well Happy birthday to me. Thanks are to God almighty for seeing this day. This new age is all about God’s directions.

152. Year 42! Wow! Thank you, God. Happy Birthday to me. I’m so grateful!

153. I’m having it Happy birthday to me thanks for all the birthday wishes now watch me work lol…

154. Say hi 25. Keep Calm,…. on this day 25 years ago, my mom’s princess was born, Happy Birthday to Me.

155. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Woke up thanking God for another year on this earth and to reach 50 years old never could imagine I would reach 60 but I did just want to say thank you God for blessing me.

156. Happy birthday to me. Thank God that I saw another year,35 today! Lord, I am thankful for your blessings!

Top birthday wishes for myself

Birthday Wishes for Myself

157. Thank you, Father, for allowing me to see another year. Happy 45th birthday to me.

158. A Queen was born today. Happy Birthday to me. 35 looks damn fucking Good. God, I give all thanks to you, many don’t get this far in life, I’m glad to see another year, another day each and every day.

159. God has smiled on me! What a beautiful day to be turning 50! Happy Birthday To Me! I’m Grateful and Excited about my next!

160. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. it feels good to see another year, it also feels good to have more than what I did last year. I thank the Lord for letting me see another day yet another year.

161. Happy birthday to me! I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes

162. Grateful to open my eyes to see another day, another year, and another chapter. Happy Birthday to me!!

163. Happy birthday to me! Isabella calling me MOM! She’s the greatest gift of all!

164. this is what’s going on Josh got me y’all but I had a great day overall happy birthday to me chilling with the family.

165. Happy 40th Birthday to ME!!! I am so grateful to God for everything that He has done in my 40 years of life. Fifty & FREE!!

166. Happy birthday to me it’s my birthday thank God I’m living another day thank you, God.

167. Happy Birthday To Me!!!! So blessed to see another year!!! Thank you all for the lovely Bday wishes.

168. When this is the gift from work! You know the job crazy!!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

169. Went out and got me and my boys a washer and dryer, happy birthday to me… I was told this is how birthdays go after you have children.

170. Sunrise, Thank you for today

Thank you for every experience, situation, blessings that poured and the ones blocked

Happy 40th birthday to me.

My latter days will be greater! I declare and decree in the wisdom of God.

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