15 Best Substratum Themes You Can Use on Android

Best Substratum Themes

Best Substratum Themes: Substratum is a great device for theming your Android gadget and keeping in mind that Substratum offers the apparatuses, to get a different look on your Android device, you do require a theme pack. Right now, the Play Store is loaded with Substratum Themes, and as time cruises by, an ever increasing number of themes will be assembled and ported for the Substratum Theme Engine. With such a plenty of decisions to look over, you may get truly befuddled on which theme to experiment with first. Indeed, don’t stress, we have shared a list of 15 cool Substratum themes you can use for your device:


Top Substratum Themes for Android


1. Default Dark


If you like the stock understanding of your device, yet would love to have it in a darker tone, Default Dark is the theme to run with. It realizes a dull ish dark shading to the whole System UI, while keeping the symbols and text styles as stock.


Default Dark


Download from play store(Free)


2. Android O


Need to get the Android O look onto your device, however, don’t possess a Pixel or Nexus? Don’t worry, the Android O theme is there to imitate the whole look of Android’s forthcoming rendition onto your gadget. Not exclusively does it adjust the System UI and Google applications, it likewise accompanies Android O Wallpapers and Sound Packs.


 Android O


Download from play store ($0.99)


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3. Pixel-Android O Dark


The Android O theme looks incredible, however, a few people would very much want it in a darker sense. This is the place this theme proves to be useful. The Pixel-Android O Dark theme helps in drawing out a dull tone to the general Android O look, bringing the best of the both worlds.


Pixel-Android O Dark


Download from play store ($1.49)


4. Outline Theme


In the event that you lean toward the moderate look on your gadget, Outline Theme is the approach with. It replaces every one of the symbols with a moderate “outline” drawing of them, giving the whole system a cleaner and neater look.


Outline Theme


Download from play store ($1.49)


5. Reverie Theme


Reverie is another light theme, made for clients that lean toward a straightforward yet rich look. The System UI alongside the symbols, textual style, and the shading tone, compliment each other to give a new vibe to the device.


Reverie Theme


Download from play store ($1.49)


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6. PitchBlack Theme


Restoration Remix’s authentic theme is currently accessible for download for everybody. The PitchBlack Theme is best known for its totally dark look, with the complimenting red symbols and textual style. The included textual style and boot liveliness make it an entire bundle for anybody needing to get the ideal Red/Black look onto their device. Assist all the more, utilizing blacks on an OLED/AMOLED show including device is known to be extraordinary for sparing some battery juice, and this theme is by a wide margin a standout amongst other dark themes out there.


PitchBlack Theme


Download from play store ($2.99)


7. Antares Theme


The Antares Theme is a theme inspired by a hexagonical design. It accompanies somewhat blue grayish back tone, alongside the auxiliary shade of your decision. The theme likewise accompanies its own Font Pack, Boot Animations, and a Sound Pack from Portal.


Antares Theme


Download from play store ($0.99)


8. GRVY Theme


Conveyed to you by the reliable individuals from Dirty Unicorns group, GRVY is a theme that is a standout amongst the most adaptable themes out there. GRVY has both Dark and Light themes, that offer a retro vibe with advanced look combined with the most elevated quality vectorized glyphs all over.


GRVY Theme



Download from play store ($1.49)


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9. Dark Matter


While GRVY offers a blend amongst retro and the advanced look, the Dark Matter is a dark theme that intends to give a totally modern look to your gadget. Every last part of the gadget’s look has been given appropriate detail, guaranteeing a stunning knowledge.


Dark Matter


Download from play store ($1.49)


10. Compound Theme


The Compound Theme is an exceptionally adjustable theme for Android Nougat or more devices. While a light form of a similar theme is additionally accessible, the darker tone looks substantially more cleaned and highlight rich.


Compound Theme


Download from play store ($1.49)


11. Coalfield Theme


Originally made for the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, the Coalfield Theme has now been ported to the Substratum Theme Engine, and the consideration the minutest of the points of interest is marvelous. It has a pastel shading plan over a dull foundation, something that looks truly extraordinary altogether.


Coalfield Theme


Download from play store ($1.49)


12. Swift Dark


The Swift Dark Theme is another theme that draws out the Dark mode on your framework, as well as practically every generally utilized application out there. It is additionally exceptionally adaptable, so you can modify it to suit your inclinations.


Swift Dark


Download from play store ($1.99)


13. Greyce


Greyce, not at all like a large portion of the dim themes that depend on adding a pale blue tone to the to some degree dark background, adds a totally Gray UI to the whole System UI. The haziness of this theme is totally extraordinary, something you should strive for yourself.




Download from play store (Free)


14. Luminous


Like the name recommends, the Luminous theme expects to convey a brilliant user experience to the client. Despite the fact that it might take a shot at Android Marshmallow, the developer recommends that it ought to be utilized on Android Nougat or more for the best understanding. You should give this a shot if you truly need the hues to fly from the screen.




Download from play store ($1.49)


15. Flux


Flux is an extremely one of a kind Substratum theme in itself. While most themes take a direct way to deal with planning and modifying the symbols and the general look of the gadget, Flux takes after a round outline that appeals to a lot of users. Add to that the colossal mix of hues, and you have an extraordinary theme for your device.




Download from play store ($1.49)