Top 8 Best Location Based GPS Games You Can Try To Enjoy

Best Location Based GPS Games: In case you’re one of those people who is burnt out on sitting before your PC or TV and playing games throughout the day, you may be occupied with experimenting with someone of kind games that powers you to escape your home and meander around places while you’re playing. With cell phones that are accessible today, it’s absolutely conceivable, as every one of them includes worked in GPS that can exploit your constant area and let you collaborate with the encompassing areas, keeping in mind the end goal to finish certain destinations in the game. These games can be taken to promote statures by making utilization of Augmented Reality. Today, we’ll be examining some awesome games that can take the full favorable position of the GPS highlight on your cell phone. In this way, in case you’re altogether advertised up to give them a shot officially, here are the 8 best location based GPS games for Android and iPhone:

The Best Location Based GPS Games

1. Landlord

Have you ever longed for being a Real Estate Tycoon? Indeed, here’s your shot. The landlord is a property exchanging game, which gives you a chance to construct your own particular land realm sans preparation. You’ll be beginning the game with $50,000 in-game money that you can use to buy settings that you visit and win lease when individuals registration at those spots progressively with the assistance of Foursquare and Facebook. You can likewise challenge your companions to contend with you and get coins for every referral.


The game takes both aptitude and luckiness, all together pick scenes shrewdly and turn into the best financial specialist among your companions. Players will likewise have the capacity to redesign their settings with conveniences like WiFi, karaoke night times and VIP ranges to make them more profitable and lift the rental salary. The game incorporates a few in-app buys so as to buy in-game cash with real money.

Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app buys)

2. Zombies, Run!

This is an addictive running game where each run turns into a mission where the player is the legend. There are a lot of described story missions that will undoubtedly appreciate. All through the game, zombies will be pursuing you, and you’ll need to keep up the pace and flee from them. The game likewise gives you a chance to choose what music you need to play out of sight while tuning into the story. You can keep running along the shoreline or run in the recreation center or even on treadmills, while you’re appreciating the game.

Zombies, Run!

While you’re running, you’ll have the capacity to gather indispensable supplies like pharmaceutical and ammunition, to fabricate your own one of a kind post-end times group. The game has a few in-app buys keeping in mind the end goal to open more story missions and access Pro participation benefits.

Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app buys)

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3. Pokemon Go

There’s no uncertainty with respect to the way that Pokemon Go is a standout amongst the most popular games ever. Created by Niantic, the game overwhelmed the web, as far back as it was made accessible to the general population last July. As of now, the aggregate downloads for the game has surpassed 700 million, which is out and out outstanding. In the game, players should chase for non-existent animals called Pokemon that bring forth at irregular areas over the globe.

Pokemon Go

The player should pick one of the 3 groups accessible in the game, with a specific end goal to battle for towers, known as exercise centers that are scattered crosswise over prevalent places in a region. Finally, you should walk or run keeping in mind the end goal to incubate the Pokemon eggs that are available in this game. It’s an addictive allowed to play enlarged reality game with a few in-app buys that can be utilized to purchase things inside the game.

Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app buys)

4. Ingress

Before Pokemon Go appeared, developer Niantic was at that point very well known for Ingress, another increased reality game that powers you to go outside and travel puts in, in a request to finish certain missions. The game involves a plenty of entryways scattered over the world, that players should travel and hack, which is positively a blissful ordeal at whatever point you’re playing together with companions. The game will make utilization of your cell phone’s GPS to track each minute, and with the assistance of the in-game guide, you’ll have the capacity to track and find wellsprings of puzzling vitality. Amid your journey, you’ll have the capacity to procure protests and convey tech to catch a specific domain. You’ll likewise have the capacity to track the advance of different players everywhere throughout the world.


Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app buys)

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5. Geocaching

Let’s be honest. At a certain point in time in our lives, we as a whole were occupied with discovering treasure. Indeed, in the case despite everything you’re intrigued, there’s an area based GPS game that you’ll totally begin to look all starry eyed at. Geocaching can furnish you with the best fortune chasing knowledge with simply the assistance of your cell phone. You’ll have the capacity to discover and track geocaches that are situated at places over the globe, and take your thrilling undertakings to an unheard of the level by playing with your companions. Likewise, you can message different players for tips and indications in regards to finding the fortunes, and with the incorporated inquiry device, you’ll additionally have the capacity to deal with every one of the fortunes. Ultimately, there’s likewise a Premium enrollment in this app, which can be benefited beginning at $5.99/month for access to exclusive caches.


Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with Premium enrollment for $5.99/month)

6. Turf Wars

This is a totally one of a kind enormous multiplayer online game, that gives players a chance to take control of true places and shield it from different players, who are mobsters. All things considered, on the off chance that you attempted to do that, in actuality, you’d unquestionably wind up in prison, and that is precisely why a game in light of this thought, is so addictive and fun, particularly when you play it alongside your companions. In Turf Wars, you’ll have the capacity to fabricate and shield your turf utilizing many practical weapons and overhauls. You’ll likewise have the capacity to influence different players to pay assurance cash for their turf’s security.

Turf Wars

Furthermore, players will likewise have the capacity to manage law implementation as your realm grows up, and you’ll additionally have the capacity to massage your companions, foes and swarm individuals to talk about methodology. With everything taken into account, Turf Wars depends on mobsters, who continue battling for control and develop their realm.

Download from play store: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app buys)

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7. Resources

This is an enormous multiplayer financial reproduction game that gets addictive quick. In Resources, you’ll need to look over surroundings in this present reality for assets, and discover rich stores utilizing the in-game guide. Players will have the capacity to construct mines to separate from these stores, and thus, process the assets into items. You’ll likewise have the capacity to gain cash and extend your mining operations, structures and win rank as you advance through the game. You can even assault the contenders and plunder extra assets with a specific end goal to overhaul extraordinary structures in the game. Assets will make utilization of your cell phone’s GPS to assemble mines as per the player’s genuine coordinates, so you should travel a considerable measure, particularly in case you’re intending to take control of the game with a lot of mines.


Download from play store: Android (Free, with in-app buys)

8. Geoglyph

Keep going on the rundown, we have an outdoor multiplayer tower barrier game that you can play and appreciate with your companions. In Geoglyph, players will have the capacity to open a session on the guide and after that go outside, keeping in mind the end goal to take after the ways to the wellspring of hazardous tumult app features and keep them from assaulting you by planting traps. The game effectively tracks your area with the assistance of implicit GPS on your cell phone, so you can play wherever you like, paying little heed to the kind of region. Sadly, the iOS clients should pass up a great opportunity for the game, as the engineers have made it accessible just for Android.


Download from play store: Android (Free)