15 Best Ad Blocker for Android – Easy Way to Hide Annoying Ads on Android

Are you bothered for the annoying popup, banner, and video ads that appear you every time when you are browsing or using an app? Don’t worry here we have a list of the 15 best Ad Blocker for Android device.

We know that the advertisement is very important for the website owner of the content creator and app developer. This is the primary source of revenue. There are majority websites and services are available free for us because they show ads. If ads off then the website owner or app developer will fall on a loss. So this would be a good idea that doesn’t turn off ad showing to support them. But you have a personal choice. If you want to block ads then you can.

Best Ad Blocker for Android

1. Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser: Fast & Secure
Adblock Browser: Fast & Secure

Adblock Plus is an open-source ad blocker app for Android. Adblock Browser is simple to use, this is a customizable web browser that will give you control over your smartphone browsing experience. Simple to Block ads, browse fastly, save your mobile battery life and data.

Adblock Browser makes it simple to reduce the number of mobile web Ad.

This android app Protect themselves from known malware sites.

If you are searching for the best browser then you can use AdBlock Plus Browser, which is created for block ads shown on the websites only. Maybe this is the best solution for you.


Totally free for use and this is an open source ad blocker.

A built-in ad blocker.

Two ABP options, system-wide or browser-based.

Secure browsing.

Enhanced privacy.

Added user control.

Easy to use.

Some non-intrusive ads are not blocked.

2. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet – Browse safe

ABP for Samsung Internet
ABP for Samsung Internet
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free

If you are a user of Samsung mobile phone/tablet and running Samsung internet browser then this is one of the best ads blocker apps for you. This ads blocker app created by AdBlock Plus. This app will give you the best browsing experience, will save your mobile battery life and bandwidth data by blocking all type of ads and tracking.


Complete control over blocked ads.

Work flawlessly on non-rooted Samsung devices.

Block annoying ads.

Only for Samsung devices with Samsung Internet Web Browser.

Secure browsing.

Totally free for use.

Added user control.

Enhanced privacy.

Easy to use.

3. Free Adblocker Browser – Adblock & Popup Blocker

This is one of kind android browser with Adblock enables that will give you ad-free web browsing experience. This Adblock browser blocks ads, banners, ad-videos, and popups ads. This browser prevents advertisers from tracking your behavior and saves your mobile battery life and internet data.


Adblock blocks banner, popups, pre-loaded, videos ads.

Blocks Ad-Cookies from third parties.

Safe Browsing experience. Prevents malware and adware attack.

This app can save your device battery life, bandwidth data.

Fast browsing with Adblock.

4. CM Browser – Ad Blocker , Fast Download , Privacy

Clean Master Browser is an android browser which can protect you from malicious threats and gives you faster web browsing experience. You can also use this browser to download. With this wonderful feature, you can download most of the video files if you want. The Adblock option can block annoying pop-ups, banner ads, video ads and gives you a fantastic browsing experience.


Smart Download


Malicious prevention

Download protection

Incognito Mode

No trace behind

Browsing speed acceleration

Speed dial

Page Translator

Text search

Font size adjustment

Personalized bookmarks

Card tabs for multi-tab control

Search engine switch

5. Adguard Content Blocker

Adguard Content Blocker is free for use, open source Adblocker. This adblocker block all kind of ads. This app works only in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser but not required to root device. This AdBlocker doesn’t block ads in any other apps. This is a customizable app, that’s means you can use this app as your choice.


Readymade filtration rules for ads and tracking sites blocking.

Does not require root to use this app.

Simple to use.

This app only works on Yandex and Samsung Internet browsers.

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6. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser

Brave Browser is a one of the best fast, totally free and secure web browser for an android device with the high protection of your data from the tracker and giving wonderful control over the cookies. This is an Adblocker with a built-in AdBlock, preventing tracking data and security protection, and optimized for data and increase battery life.


You can block and unblock ads on any web page with one tap.



Built-in AdBlock

Blocks pop-ups

Battery optimization

Data optimization

Tracking Protection

Https Everywhere

Script Blocking

3rd party cookie blocking



Private tabs

Recent tabs

7. YuBrowser – Fast, Filters Ads

This is not only a ads blocker android app, this is also a full-fledged and feature-rich web browser for android device. This ap will give you a fantastic web browsing experience on your Android device and tablet. This app will increase your mobile battery life and save your internet data.


Background audio supported.

night mode.

Optimized for Qualcomm Snapdragon.

web refiner to filter ads.

Incognito mode.

Power saving mode.

web defender to prevent trackers.

Webpage translation.

Swipe controls.

Dynamic system bars.

8. AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector
AppBrain Ad Detector
Developer: AppTornado
Price: Free

AdAway is an awesome option to block ads. This app caught all annoyances of apps installed, for example, push notifications, desktop icon spam ads & apps with privacy concerns. It can identify adware and spyware & will help you remove it.

This app blocker gives aware of which app have permissions to access to your messages, accounts, which app are harmful to you.


Blocks all type of ads.

Gives notification of which app has to access your messages or accounts.

Free for use.

Android Ad Networks alerts.

Detect which app SDKs

9. Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast allows you to use this app and block ads without rooting your device or switching to another browser! This app takes less disk space, CPU cycles and memory than other adblocker apps. This app doesn’t allow acceptable ads. This app only works with Samsung Internet 4.0 and up. This app is not for other apps. When you have done installing follow the app instruction to turn on ad blocking.


Block all types of ads.

Only works on  Samsung Internet 4.0 and up.

Download: Adblock Fast

10. AdBlock for Samsung Internet

AdBlock for Samsung Internet
AdBlock for Samsung Internet
Developer: BetaFish
Price: Free

If you are a Samsung use then this app for you. You can stop seeing ads on the web via this app. This AdBlock app is totally free for the Samsung Internet browser, with 50+ million users across all platforms!


Save your device battery life.

Save internet data.

Enjoy faster web browsing experience.

Built-in privacy protection with anti-tracking

Custom language setting available to block region-specific ads

Free, fast support

Easy to use.

11. Adblocker Browser

AdBlock Browser Free
AdBlock Browser Free
Developer: Adblock
Price: Free

This is an Android Browser with Adblock enables to gives you ad-free web browsing experience. This adblocker enabled for blocks ads, banners ads, videos ads and popups ads. It prevents advertisers from tracking your data. Increase your device battery life and save your internet data.


Adblock blocks annoying ads of all kinds.

Blocks Ad-Cookies from third parties.

Secure Browsing

Saves battery life and internet data volume.

Super fast browser experience.

12. Aon Adblocker Mini Browser. Fast, 4G & Light

Aon Adblocker for Android is a mini browser that blocks all kinds of ads. Including video ads, popups, and banners ads. Gives you fast browsing, and safer browsing experience without any ads. This app can save your bandwidth data, battery life and time.


Fast browsing and easy to use.

Ultra compact and mini size.

Adblocker plus.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media without app installation.

Smart downloads available with Advanced Download Manager.

Night Mode available.

Incognito Browsing available for your privacy.

More efficient blocking advertising experience.

Advanced Bookmark option.

Specifically designed web browser for Android/Tablets.

Popup Blocker.

Privacy and Security.

Mini and ultra-compact because APK size is just 6 MB.

13. Crystal Adblock for Samsung

Crystal for Samsung Internet
Crystal for Samsung Internet
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free

This ad blocker is for Samsung Internet Browser. If you are a Samsung use then this is for you. This app loads pages up to 4x faster and can save up to 50% of your internet data and increase of your device battery life. This app very easy to use and gives you fantastic browser experience on your phone.


Block all annoying ads in Samsung Internet.

Save up to 50% of your data.

Load pages 4x faster & enhance battery life.

safe and secure.

Easy to use.

Free for use.

14. Cake Web Browser—Fast, Private, Ad blocker, Swipe

Cake Web Browser
Cake Web Browser
Developer: Cake Technologies
Price: Free

Cake Web Browser can help you to block ads and gives you a fast browsing experience.

This is a super easy browsing web browser without ads. You can choose your favorite search engine and browser your favorites sites in the news, video, images, and shopping.


Swipe forward through results from your best search engine.

Stop pop-ups ads to increase your browsing experience.

Go 100% incognito and search without a trace.

Group search.

Stay informed with slices.

Search and highlight earmarked terms within a webpage to save time while searching.

The cake secret recipe.




Tab management.

15. Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download

This is an ad blocker, ultra-fast and lightweight browser for Android mobile. This app provides incognito browsing and fast web browsing experience. You can use this app for fast downloading of video, image, doc files, PDF. This is a secure & fluent browser without ad and antivirus protection.

Features :

Private Search

Adblocker for all kinds of ads.

Fast Open and Download.

Minimalist UI Design

Multiple Search Engines available

You can download and can save data.

Switch Text Font.

If this like this list of the best ad blocker for android then please don’t forget to share with your friends. Which adblocker app did you like? And if you have any favorite Android adblocker then please feel free to comment here with the name of the best ad blocker apps for android. We would love to hear your comment.