Top 5 Best App Blocker Apps That Will Help You To Block App Easily

 Best App Blocker: In this period of cell phone fixation, do you frequently find yourself looking at your phone screen for the duration of the day? Forgetting about the time when you’re caught up with looking through apps or occupied with playing amusements is not exceptionally unprecedented. In all probability, you find yourself looking at your phone screen when you should, preferably, be accomplishing something different. Consider the possibility that, some way or another, you could renounce your entrance to certain apps for quite a while. Would that assist you in being more productive?

There are some apps out there that can be utilized to obstruct certain apps, and also a few sites from being opened at particular circumstances of the day. Indeed, such apps exist! We’ve shared a list of the top 5 best app blocker apps you can use:

The Best App Blocker Apps

1. AppBlock

AppBlock, as the name recommends, is an app that gives you a chance to piece different apps, with the goal that you can remain concentrated on your work. This app gives you a chance to make profiles in which you can determine the times of the week, the day and age, and the apps that you need to piece access to, amid that period. You can even square warnings for these apps, which can later be gotten to from inside AppBlock. There is additionally an alternative to bolt the profiles, so you don’t end up tweaking AppBlock’s settings each time you get the inclination to open any of the blocked apps. What’s more, how is this helpful? You can open a profile, once bolted, just when it is associated with a charger. To top everything up, AppBlock accompanies the alternative of securing it with a PIN code.


It’s free version limits you to make up to 3 profiles. To make more than 3 profiles and to appreciate a promotion free experience with some other opened advantages, you can purchase its premium version inside the app.

Download from play store: (Free with in-app buys)

2. Block Apps

Block Apps gives you a chance to make plans, or as it calls it – pieces, where you can indicate which apps you need to square and for to what extent. One thing that makes this app emerge is its battery management. It changes the condition of the squares to sit without moving when the screen is off and consequently actuates them when the screen is on. While a square is dynamic, it can’t be killed. The main choice is to erase it. What’s more, you wouldn’t have any desire to continue making that piece over and over, okay?

Block Apps

If you have a go at opening an app which falls under any of the dynamics obstructs, the app demonstrates to you a rousing efficiency quote to enable you to concentrate back on your work (this can be killed from the app settings). On the off chance that this wasn’t sufficient, Block Apps has Tasker bolster.

Its free version gives you a chance to make up to 3 blocks. If you need to make more than that and even get the gadget for this app, you can purchase its premium version from inside the app.

Download from play store: (Free with in-app buys)

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3. AppDetox

As the name proposes, AppDetox encourages you in being more gainful by taking a computerized detox. It is a free app that gives you a chance to make the same number of guidelines as you need. There are various choices in which you can make the standards – particular day times, a number of dispatches, use time, movement-based, sometimes, and until the end of time. AppDetox additionally demonstrates to you your app utilization for all the apps, with the goal that you truly persuade pushed to be more gainful. On the off chance that you take a stab at breaking a lead, the app doesn’t open, and you get a toast warning. Such passages get logged under the Rule Breaks segment of the app.


This app can be secured using a password. You can likewise keep it uninstall, however you need gadget director rights for that.

Download from play store: (Free)

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4. ClearLock

ClearLock is a profitability app that gives you a chance to bolt some specific apps for a specific span. To utilize those apps in that length, you need to reboot your telephone. What’s more, you wouldn’t have any desire to continue rebooting your telephone just to utilize those apps, okay? Its free version doesn’t give you a chance to do much, yet you can simply ahead and purchase its pro version from in-app buys, which enables you to plan bolt sessions and even has a gadget for the app.


Download from play store: (Free with in-app buys)


(OFFTIME) is an app blocker that features an exceptionally cool interface and yes, the app’s name is recorded with sections on the Play Store. Utilizing the app, you can make profiles that square your calls, writings, and warnings. You can even limit access to certain apps for particular time frames. Profiles can be ceased physically utilizing adjustable choices. In (OFFTIME), you even get the option to permit a moment call from a user, on the off chance that it is inside 3 minutes, that is, if your profile incorporates call blocking. You additionally get the choice to set custom SMS answers when your profile is active.


You can just make one profile in its free version. Purchasing its Pro version from in-app buys allows you to make boundless profiles, plan OFFTIMEs, schedule synchronization, and month to month bits of knowledge.

Download from play store: (Free with in-app buys)

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App blocker apps for iOS?

Unfortunately, iOS apps are sandboxed, so no apps can be permitted all things considered to square different apps. Be that as it may, you can download apps like Freedom which limit your information utilization for apps. For example, if you somehow managed to open Facebook under a Freedom session, it would not stack up to any new substance, but rather would just demonstrate to you the substance that was stacked till the time you last opened up the app. It’s not the same as app blocker apps we specified above however it ought to do well in the event that you need to build your productivity.